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The principles you really need to create an amazing Employee Experience program. Designed in a way you will learn and use them. Get it for you, your team, your HR client, HR mentee, anyone that wants to create amazing employee experiences. 

What you get:

  • Six (6) learning modules
    • Employee Experience Overview
    • Research
    • Metrics
    • Design
    • Test/Prototype
    • Storytelling/Content
  • Each module includes
    • Long-ish Read (Read this)
    • Activity (Do this)
    • Talking points (Apply this)
    • Tool (Create with this)
  • At completion, the modules combine for a usable field guide crafted by you and for you

 How it works:

  • Receive one module monthly via email
  • At the end, combine the modules for a field guide you are able to add to and adjust as your employee experience journey continues
  • 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t get value from module one, we’ll refund your money 

Contact us on Instagram (@360HRE) or send us an email to 360HRE@360HRE.com if you have any questions.