How it Works

First of all…it does work.

Second of all…it’s a fun, caffeinated, creative process that will take about 3 or 6 months to get you up-to-speed and ready to dominate your employee experience after we leave. We’ll set it up and provide you a road map, you take it and knock it out of the park. This is your Hero’s Journey!

This is how it works:

  1. The process starts by understanding if you and 360HRE are the right fit. Just about every company is lagging in their employee experience and many are doing something about it, but you should only venture into building your employee experience if you are ready for it.
  2. Your HR team spends some time with us to talk about the realities of the work environment, map out the employee journey, create a design summary and timeline.
  3. 360HRE gets to work for you! We create a completed visually stunning employee journey map. While starting on the design summary. Items may include: setting up your survey tool with competed surveys, ethnographic observations of your staff, analyzing the data that is coming in, creating dashboard for your specific needs, providing you updates, creating prototypes for you to review, iterating on the prototype to provide you a final usable tool, building out your employee experience roadmap, and making sure you and your team are well caffeinated.
  4. The 360HRE team transitions the tools and road map to you and your team. This is the best part because our hard work will go to excellent use, and you and your team will be confident on how to dominate your employee experience and with the proper tools.
  5. 360HRE will check in to see how you are doing because we care about your success.

It’s an awesome process that you and your team will grow from it.