We work with our partners to create innovative and specific HR touch points, designed by their company culture. Below are ideas of basic prototypes based on the findings the HR team and 360HRE noticed. While you can use these at your company, understand that a cut-and-paste methodology is not the best, but creating for your staff, based on what they tell you, is even better and more successful. 360HRE can help you create specific experiences for your employees.

HR Journey Mapping – Each project start with a journey map of your HR process. Not just any mapping, but one that is specific to your company. Meaning, we discuss the Hero’s journey each employee follows as they are employed at your company. Along with, mapping the journey from different perspectives and key stakeholders. Resulting in maps that are versatile, usable and overlay the different quests along the employee journey. While journey mapping is becoming more prevalent in HR these days, we provide our partners the expertise and perspective to make sure they receive a map worthy of showing their employees.

(insert pic of journey map example)

Thank you for Exiting (Call to action) – We noticed that exit interviews were commenting fairly positive reviews, including positive remarks for relationships with co-workers and their supervisor. Similarly, the exiting employee was moving into a similar industry, not moving out of the industry. Additional analysis showed that the co-workers and supervisor rated the exiting employee high. We came up with a number of different craft projects the team could work on during a team meeting, as a way of team building, and used that project to reconnect with the exiting employee in the form of a Thank You card. with a call to action to join the alumni online network.

(daisy model) (thank you card)

Story Time – A highly regulated client was forced to use paper forms to complete compliance requirements from their funding source. s a result, their HR new hire process included a number of forms to be completed by hand. Analysis suggested that new hire staff lost emotional interest due to the repetitiveness of the forms and ache of handwriting the forms. A prototype included a cover story page, along the lines of a fill-in-your-story. this allowed to get additional information (favorite food for first day lunch, things of importance…)

(sample fillin story)

Training without distractions – Nonprofit Case Management work is difficult and can be dangerous. Feedback we received from staff suggested that they were no confident when doing home visits. Digging a bit deeper suggested that safety was a top concern. The agency already provided Safety training but the data suggested that the training was inconsistent and ineffective. The below video is a prototype we presented. Using 360 video addressed a number of key problem areas as the video allow for consistent information distribution, in an environment where the employee could not be distracted, and in a novel and interesting way to receive information.


Other Prototypes:

  • Dashboards – we take the data we get back from your surveys and create dashboards that are easy for you, team and other stakeholders to understand.
  • Podcast – to capture institutional knowledge and/or as a way for staff to get to know executives.
  • Micro Learning – posts by way of written, pictures or videos on social media for managers to stay informed on specific changes to the agency.
  • Experience as Recruitment – using and packaging stories for current workers to recruit new staff. “Don’t just take a job, live the experience of changing a life”.
  • HR Change – Document the process HR is using to incorporate employee experience and use that as internal or external marketing for the HR department.