30 Days of Vee+ for $9.99

30 Days of Vee+ for $9.99

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Ready to take your social media game up a level?

Maybe you want to focus more time on creating content or sales, rather than looking for the right article?

Or, you want to add a more diverse and global perspective to your content.  

Either way, Vee+ is for you!

Vee is an employee experience content curator bot that provides you up-to-date employee experience content and has you posting on social media in minutes. 

Vee+ includes Vee and a daily content email that also includes the daily ready to post content, delivered to your inbox. 

Get 30 Days access to Vee+ for $9.99

How it Works:

After purchase, you will receive a confirmation email receipt. Then, we'll use that same email to send you a welcome email within 24 hours. We send the welcome email to make sure we get to your inbox and stay out of your SPAM. From then on, we'll send you content during the week to your email address, and you can always access Vee on our site.  

What you Get:

  • Access to new content on Vee, five days a week
  • Weekday emails that include ready to post content
    • Content in email does not include 360HRE branding
  • Purchase price is access for one email address ("user") 

After the 30 Day Test:

After the 30 days, access Vee+ for $29.99 a month.