Transition Experience Kit

Transition Experience Kit

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For temp to perm, or direct placements.

We act as your Transition Consultant-Concierge and work with you to design an on-boarding experience for the new placement. This helps ensure placement and client satisfaction by intentionally designing an experience that provides the placement a new skill, excitement and positive association with their new company and supervisor. The client receives a more engaged hire that is prepared to tackle new assignments and contribute immediately. 

What you get:

  • Your very own HR Architect to help you design, craft and track an experience for one placement 
  • An Employee Experience Roadmap identifying goals and success metrics 
  • A Toolkit to execute the roadmap (may include) 
    • Learning tools (book, video, podcast)
    • Rewards
    • Consumer Experience 
    • Company values reinforcement
    • Team assimilation tool 
    • 360HRE support 

How it works:

Use our service as you need, for those clients you want to continue to work with and get referrals from.

Once we get your order, we contact you to understand the nuances of your client, the environment the placement is entering, goals of the company, goals of the department and the value you expect to provide via our service. From there, 360HRE goes back to our design studio to do more research and craft a draft transition/on-boarding experience. 

We present the draft transition experience to you and get your feedback. Then, we go back to the studio and make needed adjustments and finalize the experience.

The final experience is provided to you, with talking points, for you to gift to your client. All the Oohs and Ahhs are yours! You earned it, you want to provide exceptional value to your client and trust 360HRE to get you there. 

Note: The picture attached to this product is not a specific representation of what you may receive. It's a symbolic picture...but you already know that.