Ultimate Experience Training

Ultimate Experience Training

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The Ultimate Experience provides your staff with a 1-on-1 learning experience. We set it up, and we knock it down. This is a fully automated. We work with you to design and create a learning experience for a staff member. Then, we implement the plan for you. All you need to do is take all the credit.  

What you get:

  • Your very own HR Architect to help you design, craft and implement a learning experience for one of your staff
  • 1-on-1 learning
  • An Employee Experience Roadmap
  • A Toolkit to execute the roadmap (may include) 
    • Skill tools (book, video, podcast)
    • Learning objectives 
    • Metics to measure success 
    • Different learning strategies 
    • Study guide
    • 360HRE support 
  • Project outcomes that can be used by your company 
  • All the credit for being an amazing manager and employer 

How it works:

We call you to do an experience assessment to get to know your goals for this toolkit, goals for your staff that will receive the kit, and an understanding of how you want the experience to flow.

Then, 360HRE gets to work for you! We go back to our design studio and map the goals to a timeline, incorporate experience learning, and moments that matter into the map. The map is uniquely designed and crafted for your staff member. 

Once we have the map, we move on to building the toolkit. The toolkit will include items that support the identified goals. This may include training materials, books, cheatsheets, 1-on-1 resources, gifts, experience sessions, or other items.

We deliver the toolkit to your team member and implement the learning experience roadmap. We'll provide you updates on learning outcomes. 


Note: The picture attached to this product is not a specific representation of what you may receive. It's a symbolic picture...but you already know that.