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Experience Learning

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The design principles you need to create an amazing workplace experience, delivered in a way you will remember them, so that you can apply them to your workplace experience.

This in-person, half day, training is located in Chicago and led by an expert HR Architect. A sample agenda includes:

  • Meet for breakfast to discuss the evolution of “Experience” as a service
  • Visit a world class retail experience to dissect physical interaction design
  • Go to the 360HRE lab to contrast the physical design experience with a world class digital experience
  • Lunch is an exercise in using “contrast” as a way to identify experience value points
  • Reflect on your company workplace experience and how to apply learning

Experience training is for one to four participants. The above cost is for one participant. Please contact us for group discount options.  

     How it works:

    • After payment, your HR Architect will contact you to schedule the training date and time
    • This is not a physical product, it's experience learning 

    Contact us on Instagram (@360HRE) or send us an email to 360HRE@360HRE.com if you have any questions.