Design Thoughts

Hello wonderful employee experience designers! We always love to review principles of design at 360HRE's world headquarters. Here are a few that we discussed this week.

Graceful Degradation:

Think about it this way. When an escalator stops working, it can still be used as stairs. When we can't work in the office, how can we still do "work"? 

Biophilia Effect:

Environments, such as the workplace or a home office, that have view of nature, or at least imagery or other sensory experience of nature, can reduce stress and elevate focus. So, add a fake nature window to your home office. You can even change it up every other day. 


A property where the physical characteristics of an environment or object influence function. This about this when you move your work from the building office to your home office. Your ironing table maybe turns into a desk...

Go create amazing employee experience! The world needs them!


- Team 360HRE