About 360HRE

Why We Started

We started 360HRE back in 2017 because we knew there was a better way to create impact for employees via experience training, cutting-edge skills and content. Over the years we worked on projects that included immersive videos, experiential training, cryptocurrency and other technologies. 

360HRE Today

360HRE, Inc. is a minority owned employee experience design studio with a focus on providing People Operation team members (HR, Operations, Administration) experiential training in the areas of cryptocurrency and crypto technology. 

Why crypto? Crypto is culture, crypto is community, crypto is freedom, crypto is the future of the employee experience. If you are a People Operations pro that wants to provide your people freedom, then you want to work with 360HRE.

It is estimated that 50 million adults in the U.S. will purchase their first crypto in the next year. Many of those are your employees. The time is now for People Operations to understand how crypto fits into the employee experience. 

Our methodology came about with 360HRE’s founder, Daniel Vallejos, who brings 15 years of HR experience, global work, crypto expert certification and entrepreneurship, so 360HRE can be a resource to you and your staff. 

Daniel Vallejos, 360HRE, Inc Founder

Daniel Vallejos