About 360HRE

How We Started

We started 360HRE back in 2017 because we knew there was a better way to create impact at work via experience and content. Every time we looked at a company profile on social media, each looked the same. Even the language sounded similar. The same generic content was reposted and recycled, creating an echo chamber of similar thought and perspective. Where was the diversity of thought for the diversity of people consuming company content on a global scale?  

360HRE Today

Today, 360HRE is a minority owned employee experience content studio focused on providing diverse content to “HR” service providers. 360HRE uses AI driven technology to search the globe for interesting and useful content, while 360HRE’s human counterparts curate the content to provide content that connects with the diverse interests of your active and passive audience.

We even deliver our content in a unique way. 360HRE created Vee, our employee experience content bot, to deliver content 24/7 and with a little fun. Our Vee+ subscription offers daily emails and helpful video as well.

Our methodology and delivery came about with 360HRE’s founder, Daniel Vallejos, experience who bring 15 years of HR work, global work and entrepreneurship, so 360HRE can be a resource to corporate service providers.

Daniel Vallejos, 360HRE Founder

Daniel Vallejos

360HRE's Commitment 

360HRE aims to provide service providers interesting and unique content for them to use to widen their reach on social media. Our service is designed to supplement the curation portion of your communications and social media strategy, leaving your team more time to do sales, rather than look for content to post.

360HRE supports you, go create amazing experiences!

 -Team 360HRE