About 360HRE

How we started: 

We started 360HRE back in 2017 because we knew there was a better way to create impact at work via experience design. Each of us had our own horror story of toxic work environments and under-achieving HR Departments. It wasn't just us, it was also our family and friends and pretty much everyone we spoke with. I bet you even have a horror story of your own. After digging deeper into the stories and researching organizational employee experience, we began to realize that if we can impact and improve the HR Department, we can impact and improve the overall employee experience. We didn't see any providers catering to the needs and unique potential of HR Professionals, so we took a leap and established 360HRE. A company run by (and for) committed HR Professionals. 

Today, 360HRE is an employee experience design studio focused on creating amazing learning experience for HR Professionals. In our research, we found that a company's HR Department is best suited for impacting employee experience because it sits at the interconnection of employees and the company. Therefore HR has the greatest potential to drive and create new experience value within their companies. By re-orienting an HR Department in an employee-centric way, HR can be transformed from an administrative center into a culture contributor and driver of employee productivity. 

At 360HRE, we believe that positive experiences lead to better decision making and higher engagement. All you have to do is look at your consumer side for examples. If you love an experience you had at a restaurant you tell all your friends about it, you post on social, you look forward to going back, you spend more time there and that experience now becomes the minimum threshold. You don't go back to sub-par restaurants unless you absolutely have to. An intentional and honest employee experience can lead to this level of decision-making and engagement at work. 

Employee experience is about intentional interactions that produce reliable outcomes. Moreover, it is about caring about your employees so much that you put in the effort to anticipate their needs, feed their wants, and deliver on your promise as a manager and as an employer. Our service isn't for every HR Leader, but rather, for those who truly want to cultivate the best employees.   

360HRE Values:

Service: we strive to provide exceptional service to our customers, employees and ourselves
Learning: we strive to learn each day from our customers, employees and ourselves to make 360HRE better
Experience: we strive to provide the best experience for our customers, employees and ourselves