It’s Official: HR Is Dead. SHRM Pivots Away From HR Pros

Is it me…it could be, I get that, but…did SHRM (THE Society for Human Resource Management!!) just pivot away from HR?? 

They released The High Cost of A Toxic Workplace Culture repot and in that report they…

  • Reference “HR Professionals” 7 times, and “People Managers” 13 times
  • Distance HR away from the corporate culture conversation
    • “Historically, building a strong workplace culture has been considered an HR task. But it is a team effort.”
  • While making corporate culture a top priority
    • “In today’s world, the best workplace culture wins.”
  • Launch a 2020 training campaign for People Managers…and also assist HR departments
    • “This is why SHRM is launching new learning and development programs for People Managers in 2020, including a People Manager Qualification (PMQ) to aid new managers in developing soft skills, leadership skills, and the emotional intelligence needed for building high performing teams…SHRM’s new learning and development programs will also assist human resources departments in unlocking human potential across their organizations, empowering HR professionals to become strategic leaders in workforce development and social responsibility.”

If SHRM is pivoting away from “HR”, then I love the idea. You have to make a big move to change the paradigm, change the conversation. Over the years we have seen “HR” replaced by People, Culture, Experience departments that better fit the needs of an organization.

Let’s check-in in about 3 years and see how this turned out.

Go create amazing employee experiences. Go do your best work.

-Team 360HRE