Routine Consistency Solution

This work crisis, in many ways, has been about a disruption of our daily routine. The level of disruption to our routine has a disruptive network effect on our co-workers and others.

For as long as we can remember, work was a routine. We’d get up at the same time, do our morning rituals, commute to work, get coffee, execute our daily morning work routine, get lunch, execute our afternoon work routine, get more coffee, and head home. We had a routine. Regardless if we worked remotely 100% of the time, 50% of the time or always went into the office – there was a routine and that routine provided consistency and stability in our lives.

As we move forward, HR professionals should think about what type or form of routine can be built to shape our emerging reality. Think about a routine framework to house communications, programs, training, interaction, free-time, wellness and other projects. Be intentional with the cadence, scheduling and ability to keep that routine.

When designing a routine framework, think about consistency because usability and adoption improve when there is a consistent look, feel, and action. Consider:

  • Visual: Employer branding and color. Don’t neglect your communications and design guides when rolling out time-sensitive new initiatives.
  • Functional: The intent you had with team meetings before should remain same for virtual meetings. However, the mode of the meetings, nature of engaging employees, and system for soliciting feedback and opinions needs to change in order to ensure appropriateness to the medium. Topics and tone may change, but functionality should stay the same to increase predictability.
  • Timing: Be consistent with what and when you place items on a team calendar.

Routine and consistency provides comfort and promotes usability and adoption.  

Go forth and create amazing work experiences! We believe in you!  

-Team 360HRE