The Indie-HR subculture…

Are you Indie HR?

You may be more familiar with the genre of “indie” in the realm of music, film, literature, and games. These independent artists create amazing work outside the mainstream, outside of corporate support and with a high level of innovation and experimentation. 

When applied to HR, the result is the formation of a subculture of idealistic creatives and supporters who believe in the ideal of making uncompromised impact for the humanity of an organization. Once you embrace your inner HR indie you are in a position to share your best ideas, free to implement and to best position people for success. 

Today, there are more options to get your indie HR self out there- Social media, meet-ups, and “disruption” oriented events. More importantly, in the growth of this subculture, there has been a proliferation of groups working to bring independent thought and discussion into the HR spotlight: DisruptHR, Hacking HR, HR Mastermind and others.      

The opportunity to express your thought is here. Let’s see more innovation beyond “thought leadership” and best practices. Get out there, show your creative process, show your work.

Remember, diversity in thought solves problems!!

At the very least, feel free to start with us, we’d love to hear your Indie HR ideas.

Go do your best work.

-Team 360HRE