The Real Top 3 of the “Top Employee Experience Tends for 2020”

Here we go, it’s that time!! All the articles and blog posts predicting the top 2020 employee experience trends are out.

At the world headquarters of 360HRE, we love EX clickbait! We read all of them. We sit around with coffee, snacks, and read the “top EX trends” out loud. Then, we give each trend a gladiator style thumbs up or thumbs down. Those that don’t make it get tossed in the “employee engagement doesn’t mean you put a ring on it” trashcan, as we all laugh and cuss at it. Those that do make it, get a moment of our time and reflection, and a polite smile.

Here are three we enjoyed talking about:

  1. Remote organizations setting the standard for employee communication
  2. Train to retain employees
  3. Output will beat input

Lucky for all of us, predictions don’t really matter. What matters is what really happens, and because you have a well-functioning employee experience program, you already know what you’re in for during 2020.

But…just for funsies…here is one more prediction. Our prediction:

  1. You are going to be even more awesome at the end of 2020

Go create amazing work experiences. We support you!

-Team 360HRE