What table butter tells us about HR…

Have you ever noticed how, when you have a great restaurant experience, the butter you get is at room temperature?

That’s the tell. The signal. You know the restaurant looks at the details.

Cold butter comes out of a fridge and is hard to cut, let alone spread. Cold butter tears the bread making you look like some kind of amateur.

Room temperature butter lets the knife slide right in, forcing you to balance a fatty delicious spreadable butter on the knife before it glides over the bread and melts as it hits your tongue. Delicious success!  

What is the “butter” in HR? What is the signal of an amazing HR department? Is it a function such as Recruitment? Is it that first day experience? Is it how happy the HR department is? Is it how happy the employees are? Is it how happy the C-suite is? Is it the digital experience? Is it an HR metric? 

Find your HR butter and make it spreadable delicious. Focus on the details. Focus on the user.

Go create amazing employee experiences. Go do your best work. 

- Team 360HRE