What You Missed - April 27, 2020

This week, we focused on the return of physical and digital experience! No, we’re not talking about Zoom calls or streaming services, we’re talking about amazing in person experiences and digital experiences you share with millions of your closest friends.

Physical Experiences are back and in a major way! One example is the All In Challenge. Sports teams, celebrities and social media influencers are getting together to create and offer up in person experiences that will be won by auction or raffle. In person experiences offered include playing golf with Justin Timberlake, appearing in a Jamie Foxx tv show, and others. All the money received goes to worthy charities. Over $30 millions has been collected for charity so far. What this speaks to is the value of in-person experiences. Even when most of us are in some kind of stay at home situation and when there is no set date for any of these amazing experiences, in person experiences still deliver.

Digital Experiences are starting to find their rhythm. Such as, The 2020 NFL Draft. Over 15 million viewers participated in the first round of the NFL draft. That number crushed the last first round viewership record. Rather than doing the draft in front of thousands of screaming fans, the draft was held virtually with team submitting their pick digitally and the commissioner reading out the player name. The production was done well as players were interviewed, player stories were ready, and cameras were in the home office of team owners and General Managers.

360HRE kept you in the loop and posting with content that was applicable to your LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter social media accounts. We provided cut and paste ready images and captions for you to use. Here is an example:

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Football Player Football Stadium

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  • Short: A record breaking first round for the NFL. Over 15 million viewers! 
  • Long: Even with a fully remote and digital NFL draft experience, more than 15 Million fans viewed the first round of the NFL draft. Just like with video calls, fans got to see the personal side of NFL executives that submitted their picks from home offices, kitchen tables or basement rec rooms.  

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 We'll see you next week. Be safe, take care!!

-Team 360HRE